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Color of the Week: Wet 'n Wild Craze Lust

Today I decided to feature as the first CotW for the month of September, Wet ‘n Wild Craze Lust. It’s one of eight colors that I picked up on my mini-haul yesterday. Below will be the piccie, the color description, and the review.



Lust is a lovely reddish fuchsia pink pearl with no shimmer. At least what I got from it. I thought it was going to be a perfect dupe for Milani’s Pyramid Passion. But when I compared the piccies for both, they weren’t even close. This piccie was taken outside on the 6th floor balcony of the apartment buildings where I live.

The Review
•Application: Well, the brush was a bit unwieldy when I tried using it. The stem is smaller than I’m used to, and the big cap didn’t make things any easier. But the formula itself glided on like silk.
•Dry Time: Believe it or not, the formula had an excellent dry time–it must have been under a minute.
•Coverage: This is what I like to classify as ‘impact’ after so many coats. Lust covered about three-quarters full impact on the first coat. But I wanted to do a second coat. Then I did a third coat to make absolutely sure I got the most impact for this polish.
•Wear: This is what I like to classify as ‘staying power’. I applied this on over a base of Nailtiques formula 2 protein yesterday at about quarter til seven. Then I applied the rest at my b/f’s apartment (he lives on the 6th floor). After thirteen hours, all I got was just a bit of tip wear on my left ring, middle, and pointer fingers, and it stayed perfectly on my entire right hand full of nails plus the pinky and thumb of my left hand.

All in all, I am truly amazed at this product. Wet ‘n Wild Craze has been described as a high performance formula with nine colors designed specially for the trends of this year. Well, so far it has delivered. All for just $2 at Walgreen’s. I already have Lust and Rustic, and am planning on getting the remainder of the collection.

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