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Let's Get Personal: Quitting Smoking

I’ve decided to revamp the way I talk about my exploits in quitting smoking. Instead of trying to document month by month on the subject, I”m just going to spill the beans here and now.

I’ve decided to quit smoking because
1) Smoking is cutting deep into my meager budget. It doesn’t make sense to waste $120+ on cartons of cigarettes, only to really smoke about half of them at best. I could just as easily use that $120+ to get some new clothes, awesome new nail hauls, and even start up my own website.
2) The tobacco that’s been building up in my nose is not only making it harder for me to breathe, smell, and taste things, it’s also very unattractive to see a nose hair covered in tobacco and tar hanging out of the nose. Say it with me… YUCK!

I did so good for the first couple of months up until the end of August in smoking so few cigarettes I really thought I was quit. Well, I called up QuitLine Iowa and I admitted to them that I’d slipped, even just one cigarette. I didn’t feel like the Quitline would be ashamed of me or like they would chastise me for having a cigarette every evening for a week (at the last week of the month). And the guy I talked to said that they weren’t there to judge, but to give support.

So, needless to say, I’ve been much harder on myself over this whole thing than anyone else has been on me. I guess there are some things I’m going to have to do in order to stay quit smoking, never to light up again. It’s going to take some time, patience, and hard work from me. Also a bit of creativity. I may actually have to buy a whole bunch of the big round lollipops and use them in lieu of smoking a cigarette. These lollipops are awesome substitutes for cigarettes, and an added benefit is that they taste so much better than cigarette smoke.

Let’s talk. If there’s someone that you know who is trying to quit smoking, or if you are trying to quit smoking, please leave your mark. Even if you are inspired to quit smoking or if you know someone who you would like to quit smoking, feel free to leave a line.

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