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Quitting Smoking: The Third Month Anniversary

Well, this is my third month anniversary of quitting smoking. So, allow me to lay out the details on what’s going on with that.

  1. Well, I wonder if I’m really having a breakthrough or if I’ve really had an epiphany. Because every time I think I do, something always happens that I wind up lighting another cigarette. Oh well, at least I’m not lighting up at my apartment.
  2. I’m back on the patch after a month of not being on it. And except for a slight lapse on Friday evening where I smoked a half cigarette, I haven’t smoked since I’ve been back on it.
  3. Physically I’m healing from smoking all those cigarettes for 12 years, but I’m not so sure that mentally I’m beating the addiction. I mean, instead of smoking I’m always grabbing something to eat. Some of my choices aren’t always healthy, which is what I’m really worried about. And since one of my goals this year is to lose weight, this isn’t a very good start.

Whatever the case, I need some feedback. Am I doing okay, or is there more I could do to help me be more mentally able to quit smoking for good? I welcome your comments and feedback, and will try your suggestions. Have a good afternoon.

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