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All That Matte-rs

Now I’m sure you may be wondering what in the hay’s up with my post title tonight. Well, tonight’s post is about mattes–the ones I’ve managed to do. My secret weapon until I can get a better matte topcoat? Orly’s Nails For Males, which imparts a satiny matte finish on the nails–both bare and painted.

So, allow me to show you what I’ve done with this. Here’s Wet ‘n Wild Craze’s Nocturnal, mattified.

Nocturnal Matteish

Nocturnal Matteish

Next is OPI’s Can You Tapas This?, mattified.

Can You Tapas This? Matteish

Can You Tapas This? Matteish

And finally, I have two purples for you. First up is China Glaze’s Stella. It’s a beautiful purple metallic with a bit of pink to it, on its own. Let’s look at the result when I mattified it with Orly’s Nails For Males.

Stella Matteish

Stella Matteish

Now we have a very slight blue cast (or it could just be my camera) on the resulting color. And finally, we have OPI’s Pamplona Purple mattified.

Pamplona Purple Matteish

Pamplona Purple Matteish

Now this is the kind of matte I like. Not chalky, like found on the piccies of other nail color blogs, but satiny, like there’s a little bit of something there. I’m definitely getting my hands on a better matte formula, but I’m not going to buy separate colors just for their matte versions like OPI is having people do. Why do that when you can simply make a matte topcoat and sell that? Wouldn’t you think that’s a better marketing strategy than making separate matte formulas of other colors and making the consumer pay extra for, say, Russian Navy Matte when they already have Russian Navy in its original formula?

Anyway, sorry for the ramble there. Just thought I’d get that off my chest. Feel free to comment, tell me which of these colors is better as a matte or its original formula. I’d appreciate it.

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