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Review: Nailtiques Nail Protein Formula 2

Hi there peeps! Today I’m doing my first nail care review. I went to Walgreen’s on 1 September, and picked up a little product called Nailtiques. The formula I picked up was 2, since my nails are always peeling and splitting. Anyway, check out the piccie of the cute little bottle and my review below that.



Price: $9.99 for a ¼ fluid ounce. Yikes! This has to be some pretty powerful stuff if I’m going to pay that much for a bottle the size of the little Bon Bons nail color bottles.

Application: Smooth, since it’s a clear nail protein. The instructions say not to use more than one coat a day on your nails. But some days I’ve found myself using two. I’ve also used it as a top coat for nail polish after wearing a certain color overnight.

Usefulness: This is absolutely good stuff! Not only can it be used as a sole protein, it can also be used as a base coat with perfect results and as a topcoat, like I covered earlier.

Results: I’m on the home stretch of this product use, and in the three weeks so far that I’ve used it I only noticed a small peel on the left corner of my right thumb. Other than that, my ring and pinky nails have been growing nicely, and my fingernails have never been so strong.

Where To Buy: Either online or at Walgreen’s, if you don’t have access to NailTek. Or at another store if you happen to see it there.

In short, I fully recommend this product as a sort of poor man’s NailTek, but from what I can tell it works easily as well. It really strengthened my nails, which I’d about given up hope on. And it lengthened my ring and pinky nails, which I’d resigned to the length they were as if I’d bitten them (because they always, always, ALWAYS peeled and split to the quick, never failed when I got them to any bit of a length).

Hope you found this post useful, or at least enjoyed reading it. Have a great morning, peeps! SilverDiva signing out.

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