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Color of the Week Part 1: Chicago Bears mani

Hello Tuesday afternoon sports fans! What better way to close out the month of September than with not one, but two, football-themed manis, eh? Well, this is part 1, inspired by Michelle’s Cleveland Browns football-themed mani. Only mine is spotlighting the Chicago Bears! Here it is, for all you sports fanatics out there.

Chicago Bears mani featuring Nocturnal

Chicago Bears mani featuring Nocturnal

Both of these polishes come from Wet ‘n Wild Craze. Nocturnal is a dark navy jelly perfect for Chicago Bears blue. Inferno is an orange with golden shimmer that is great for Chicago Bears orange. You’ll see the Inferno bottle next.

Chicago Bears mani featuring Inferno

Chicago Bears mani featuring Inferno

The same mani, featuring the Inferno bottle.

Tomorrow (or should I say Thursday)’s mani is the one inspired by Brooke’s Oklahoma University football-themed mani, and I will have the Nebraska University colors for you then.

With that, SilverDiva signing out, and have an awesome afternoon!

Update, 9/30: I promised I’d have the review for both these polishes for you, and here it is.

•Application: The application on both of these was a little janky, much like the application for Lust as noted way back on 9/2. The brush stem is a bit shorter than I’m used to, and the big cap doesn’t help much. But the formulas glide on smoothly.
•Dry Time: Once again, I haven’t paid that much attention to the dry time. But if it’s supposed to dry fast, then I’ll monitor how fast it really dries.
•Coverage: Coverage on both Nocturnal and Inferno was great, like on Lust. They’re about ¾ covered on just one coat, but a second coat is required to get the most coverage out of both colors to avoid the dreaded visible nail line.
•Wear: Both Nocturnal and Inferno wore very well on the first day. There’s just a little shrinkage on the right and left thumbnails, and today there’s a bit of chipping with Nocturnal on my right pinky and middle nails. On my left ring nail, there’s just a bit of chipping with Inferno.

Three out of four ain’t bad at all. The thing I was most disappointed with was the application with the short stem and wide cap. Chippage was to be expected without a base coat, and I didn’t think to put a base coat on yesterday when I did this mani. But I am amazed (and impressed) that without a base coat, both colors stayed as long as they have with minimal shrinkage or chippage.

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