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My First Matte Experience

Yesterday I went on a nail color mini haul while buying batteries, nail polish remover, and cotton rounds. I picked up eight colors, and out of the eight, two of them were matte. I mean, matte. Flat matte, like you just painted your fingernails with house paint. (Only house paint doesn’t come in purple and black)

Check out the piccies of my two deets from the Orly Matte Couture collection that my Sally’s got in on Tuesday and set out for yesterday.

Matte Vinyl

Matte Vinyl

Matte Vinyl is exactly what it says it is. Liquid Vinyl black creme turned matte. (Betcha you’d probably wish house paint was this color, right?) This applied pretty well, but dried quite fast so I had to use a second coat to try and fix any mistakes. This was two coats to full impact.

Purple Velvet

Purple Velvet

Purple Velvet is a muted purple matte that tows the line between neutral and cool. Like Matte Vinyl, this applied well, but dried very fast. So I had to use another coat to try and cover up mistakes. This was also two coats to full impact.

I kind of wish that these were more of a satiny matte like I’ve done by layering my own colors with Orly’s Nails For Males. However, these two aren’t badly done at all, and look very chic. I may pick up the last color, Blue Suede, and see how that works on me.

Ta-ta for now! SilverDiva signing off.

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