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Pedi For The Cure and a Rant

Hello, my dear readers. Today I have another pedi for you–this time it’s Breast Cancer month, and I’ve got for you what I call the perfect Breast Cancer color on my toes. Check out the piccies below.

Uptown Pedi Left Foot

Uptown Pedi Left Foot

This is NYC In A New York Color Minute Uptown. It’s a beautiful Barbie pink that I thought would be simply the perfect color to represent the cure for breast cancer.

Uptown Pedi Right Foot

Uptown Pedi Right Foot

The same color on my right foot.

Now, I also have a rant for you. A little riddle if you will. Why is it that people see fit to ignore my blog over even those started later than mine? What is it that I’m doing to scare potential commenters? Or what is it that I’m not doing to attract attention?

You have to remember that my primary focus of this blog was to post about my journey in quitting smoking. I cannot do that for another nine days considering that I post about it every month on the 13th (which is the anniversary of the day I decided to quit smoking and start on the patch). And I do this every month because posting on the subject every single day would be just redundant.

I also cannot do contest giveaways because:
1) I simply don’t have enough polish to give away.
2) I’m a relatively new blog.
3) I highly doubt that any of my deets are worth lemming for and I can’t go out and buy more bottles of the same polish just for giveaways if you don’t want them.

All of my posts are available to comment on, as are most of my pages. Especially the galleries in my Stash. The only things that are not available to comment on are those that wouldn’t be logical to comment on anyway–my Contact page, which is simply giving you my email addy to send me suggestions or whatever, and my Updates page, which is to give you updates on technical things, like links and fixing broken piccies. And the bonus is, you don’t even have to register to comment.

If you’ve decided to even read this, let alone comment, I’m thankful. I’m more than grateful even if you decide to read any of my blog. This was just something I have to get off my chest with the recent tag that nobody has even seen fit to tag me for. With that, SilverDiva signing off, and have a great day.

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