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Signs of Color

So, this is it. I’m finally done swatching all my nail colors, including the new ones. And I’ve been at it for a week now! Glad to say I’m finished. Now I can go back to regular posting! Yay!

Anyway, that’s not what I want to post about. What I wanted to bring you, my pretties, is a different kind of mani. It’s what I call the Signs of Color mani. What I’ve done is used colors of my five main signs in my birth chart. I’ll post pics of those for you–the thumb has to be posted separately since I can’t incorporate it into my piccies without it hurting the base of my thumb or otherwise affecting the integrity of the other nails. So check out the piccies I have for you.

Virgo Thumb

Virgo Thumb

According to China Glaze’s website, navy blue is the power color for Virgo. And since I have both Mars and Venus, plus my midheaven (or North node) in Virgo, I figured Nocturnal (my favorite navy blue) should go on my thumb.

Colors for Cancer, Leo, Libra, and Scorpio

Colors for Cancer, Leo, Libra, and Scorpio

I’m holding a bottle of Seche Vite simply because I need something to hold on to while I’m taking pictures of my nails. Anyway, China Glaze’s website says that:

•Cancer’s power color is silver. And since my Sun and my Jupiter are in Cancer, I’ve decided to go with my favorite silver, the one-coater Millenium, on my middle nail.
•Leo’s power color is orange. Since my Mercury is in Leo, I’ve decided to go with Inferno, quite possibly the most wearable true orange on me, on my pinky.
•Libra’s power color is lilac or lavender. Since my Moon and Pluto are in Libra, I’ve decided to go with my franken Playing For Keeps on my ring finger.
•And finally, Scorpio’s power color is dark red. Other sources (I’ll have to get back to you later on that) say that Scorpio’s power color is black. Dark red, for me, is too close to Aries’ power color of red to use, so I’m going with the more distant black. Anyway, my rising and Uranus, at least, are in Scorpio, so I’ve decided to use Orly Matte Velvet as my pointer color.

If you want, I could make this a tag and have all you other bloggers out there in the blogosphere paint your nails with your Signs of Color, then post them to your blog. I’d tag everyone, of course.

I’m leaving you tonight with this food for thought. Have a great evening, y’all. Oh, and by the way, please comment if you liked this post.

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