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Going Green For Mental Health

Hello folks! Today we have some very serious shit going on, so please listen up. This post from Scrangie is the reason why I decided to do mine, since this issue hits home for me too. You see, not only do I know a few people who suffer from depression, but I have dysthymic disorder as well as AD/HD. However, instead of going through the stats (since I hate to be that detailed anyway), just read Scrangie’s post for the information.

In my experience, dysthymic disorder is kind of like a zombie state. There’s this haze of sadness around you, but it’s like a part of you. You’re never happy, but you don’t need a reason to be sad either. Dysthymic disorder is malicious in a way because if you have a real ‘episode’ (no, I’m not talking television shows) it hits you that much harder. People with dysthymic disorder who also have these ‘episodes’ are said to be going through a ‘double depression’. You’ll live with it for a very long time, but it is treatable. So there is hope for you. Wow, now I’m about to cry.

To show my appreciation for Depression Awareness Month, and to do the little bit I can to help spread the word, I’m going to show you two of the truest green nail colors I have, in swatches. Check out the piccies.

Emerald City on Four

Emerald City on Four

This has to be the best picture I took of Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Emerald City. It’s a true green jelly shimmer and you can really see the shimmers on my pointer and middle nails. This was four coats to full impact, one thin and the rest thick. Check out an even better view in the piccie below.

Emerald City on Three

Emerald City on Three

This is probably the most perfect view you’re going to get of the shimmers. Check out the second green I’ve got for you. This one’s a little bit bluer.

Jumpin' Jade on Four

Jumpin' Jade on Four

Jumpin’ Jade is a deep green shimmer, but on my nails it looks more like a blackened teal. It definitely has a cool base to it, so is a great color for Winter women. This was three coats to full impact. Check out the next piccie for a better view.

Jumpin' Jade on Three

Jumpin' Jade on Three

Here you can better see the green and the shimmer.

Since this is a most serious subject, I would love to hear your thoughts on it. In a sense, I bared my soul by bringing a personal touch to this entry so my greatest reward would be if you read it and then comment.

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