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Going On A Short ‘Vacay’

Well, folks, I’ve been blogging just about non-stop and swatching just about non-stop for so long that I’m finally worn down by it. I’ve decided that, along with a fabulous mani, I’m going to take a short vacation from blogging — about a week should do it. My brain has been fried by all this updating and swatching and junk, so I’ve got to rest it. However, I will post on Tuesday’s quit smoking topic, and do the Color of the Week on Wednesday, but I won’t push myself.

So, with this I leave you with a new mani I did using Nina Ultra Pro Purple-Xing, one of three colors I got in last week’s mini Sally’s haul. I’ll return to fully blog again next week.


…And a short description. Purple-Xing is a whole bunch of both silver and prismatic chunky glitter in a grape creme base. What’s unique about it is that this creme doesn’t diminish the sparkle from the glitter. This was three coats to full impact.

Now, with that, I leave you until next week, only stopping by during the vacay on Tuesday and Wednesday. Have a great week, everyone!

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