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Quitting Smoking Chapter 3 and OP-I Hate This Color!

Hey there, peeps, and welcome again! I promised you that I would post on Tuesday and Wednesday only this week, so here I am. This time detailing the fourth month anniversary that I’ve chosen to quit.

This time things are going much better. I haven’t had a cigarette since 9/4, when I could only smoke half a cigarette before my nose began to burn. And quite frankly, I’m excited about this. I’m also one step farther on my patch–I went from step 1 to step 2, and I may simply have to cut my step 2 patches in half to accommodate for step 3.

I also have a polish for you. Remember the second part of the title? Well, here is that polish.

Time-Less Is More

Time-Less Is More

Time-Less is More is a very sheer, angelic white jelly. Now, while this sounds good, let me point out something. With a color of this opacity, one of two things has to happen. Number one, you either have to really love sheers to put up with two coats, or number 2, you have to really pile on the coats to get it to full impact. My choice was number 2, since I hate sheers.

Well, I’d already put on three coats before my b/f came knocking at my door last night. So I brought the bottle up with me when I went up to his place. And during that time, I had to sneak in a fourth coat, then a fifth coat, and then a sixth. And all that time, the polish was very dentable. When I woke up this morning, I had to put on a seventh coat since the polish dented while I was trying to sleep.

And taking piccies of this polish was also no fun. I couldn’t get a very good shot, so I ended up taking almost 30 just to get one good one. And the one you see is the best I could do.

Until tomorrow, then my dears, SilverDiva signing out. Have a great day.

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