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Color of the Week: Hot Chili Christmas

Hello, folks! I’ve decided that instead of doing Color of the Week every Wednesday, I’m going to start doing them every Monday at the beginning of the week. Today I’m focusing on a magical warm red and green creation on my nails. Witness  Hot Chili Christmas.

Hot Chili Christmas

Hot Chili Christmas

Hot Chili Christmas is a layering of mine. So far, one of my more ‘out there’ layerings, and definitely my favorite so far. Let’s dissect the two colors I used for it, and review them both.

The base was Orly Poison Apple. It’s a beautiful tomato red creme.

The Review
•Application: Poison Apple went on quite smoothly. I had no balding, pooling, or streakage issues while applying.
•Dry Time: I’d say it dried pretty quickly for a nail color. Definitely didn’t have any dentage last night from when I applied it at about 6 to when I went to bed. And no dentage while sleeping either. So you could say it dried quite fast.
•Coverage: Excellent pigmented coverage. It went on in two regular coats, no VNL, no shrinkage either.
•Wear: I haven’t quite tested this out in harsher conditions or for longer periods of time. But so far that I’ve tested it, there was no shrinkage or chipping or peeling.

The topping was Sinful Call You Later. It’s a bunch of chunky green and fine gold glitter in a clear base.

The Review
•Application: Call You Later went on as well as any glitter normally does. No streakage issues, really.
•Dry Time: It dried very fast, considering it’s the topper for this mani.
•Coverage: Call You Later covered pretty thinly in just the one coat, enough to see the base color shine through. I would definitely use this as a topper, although it could work alone.
•Wear: Being layered on top of Poison Apple and topped with Seche Vite, I wouldn’t think there’s anything to worry about for a topper chipping or peeling.

Well, my dears, that’s it for this. I went outside this morning and damn, is it chilly and a bit windy! I guess this is the kind of weather you can expect in Iowa. And I’ve lived in the state for 21 years of my life. (Wow, makes me feel old.) 😐 Anyway, SilverDiva signing out for the day, and have a great one!

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