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Two Pieces of News

October 25, 2009

Alrighty, everyone, I have two pieces of news for you. Check it, and read very carefully coz I’m only going to say this ONCE.

1) I will no longer be posting on this blog as of the end of this post. All posting I’ll be doing will be on the new blog with my own domain. So please, I implore you, update those bookmarks if you’ve got em!!

2) I don’t know who in the F-ing HELL keeps spamming this blog, but I’m asking you to STOP!!!!!! If you have absolutely NOTHING to contribute to my blog, then DON’T F-ING POST! UNDERSTAND????!!!!!!!! I will NOT, and I mean NOT, tolerate this on the new blog.

That’s it. As of right now this is my last post on this one. So don’t bother reading any more on this blog, go to the new one instead.

Before I go, my final thoughts on this one. If my last sentence sounds bitchy, it is. That’s because ever since mid September I’ve been fighting spam that Akismet sends my way to clean up. Some of these seem innocuous enough, asking for help with something. (Although if these spammers could read, which they damn well do otherwise they wouldn’t be posting that shit, and would instead know what the F to do.) Others are trackbacks, and maybe in hindsight I should have accepted them instead of thrown them out, and the bulk of them over the past couple of weeks are out-and-out, blatant, obvious (how many GD ways can I think of to put this) SPAM! And I’m F-ING SICK of it! I don’t know if that’s to stop me from blogging, but if it is, you spammers are fighting a losing battle because I WILL keep on.

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