Hey, everyone, and welcome to Nail-ing Life! First off, a little inside info about this blog.

  1. This is a blog about not only the nail colors that I have in my stash, and the colors I’ll be delivering to you every Hump Day Wednesday, but also about my journey in quitting smoking. In fact, for this second reason, that’s why I’m doing this.
  2. Feel free to comment on every post that I’ve done up to this point. You can also comment in the Stash section, and each color family page. The only page that is not available to comment on is the Contact Nail-ing Life page, which simply has my contact info in case you want to get a hold of me. (Of course, if you can read, you should know that anyway.)
  3. Please keep all comments and/or questions on topic. If the post is about my latest nail color or color of the week, please limit yourself to commenting on just that.


Now, a bit of information about me. Outlined right here:


  1. First, and foremost, my name is Samantha Bradley, for anyone that cares about this info. I live in Ottumwa, Iowa, but am not originally from the state of Iowa–I only moved to Iowa on my tenth birthday. But I am a Midwest, corn belt native, Iowa and Nebraska (where I’m originally from) being the only two states I’ve ever lived in in my 31 years of life.
  2. I’m a Cancer, and you will see a post coming up on my 32nd birthday. Until then, I am not divulging my birth date. I love my privacy, but I also love my boyfriend of nearly four years. I don’t think there’s near enough Cancer bloggers around the ‘net.
  3. I’m also a natural redhead with dark auburn hair (truthfully, I prefer to call myself a strawberry brunette rather than auburn since technically, my hair isn’t auburn), nearly black eyes, and fair to pale skin. And I’m more than a little fed up with websites whose ‘experts’ just parrot outdated and outmoded advice about all redheads being Autumns and wearing the according palette. Especially since I’m not an Autumn, but a Winter. This is why I enjoy Color Me A Season and Christine Scaman’s two websites/blogs talking about color analysis.
  4. I’m quite a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to this blog. I must have everything in a particular way or I go nuts. (Not literally, but you get my drift) I’ve finally figured out how to get better polish captures out of my camera–simply using the Zoom helps quite a bit. 😛
  5. I have AD/HD. No, not just polish AD/HD. Real attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder. I have moments several times a day, every day, where I’m misplacing something or otherwise feel like I’ve gone mad. I’ve got to be the classic victim of not being able to find things that were right in front of my face the whole time–everywhere I go, it’s like that.
  6. Who are my nail color inspirations? As far as regular nail color goes, well there’s Kelly from Vampy Varnish. I also love nail art, and my absolute faves that I’d love to replicate on my own nails are Lauren from DizzyNails, Colette from My Simple Little Pleasures, and Steph from Steph’s Closet.
  7. Anything else you’d like to know about me? Am I a computer geek? Well, I don’t know. I love sitting around on it and completing tasks, and I can do basic maintenance on it, but I wouldn’t go near as far as to qualify me for the Geek Squad. What’s my favorite food? Dunno. Have a lot lately. Anything else? You can contact me to find out more, if you’d like. I also participate in tags that interest me, and maybe I’ll divulge more about myself on my 32nd birthday.

Well, whew! That’s it for me. That was a lot of typing, damn! Anyway, hope this satisfies some of your curiosity about me. If not, I’ll just add to it at your request. Thanks for reading this if you do.


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