My Stash

From the hottest LE colors to some of the most fabulous established core colors, this is the host page to my nail stash. I will say this much for my polish stash: Only one polish needed just one coat for full impact. A few more needed two. But most of my polishes need three to five coats for full impact. There are even a few that need upwards of six coats. Feel free to comment in any of the pages below, or contact me if you have any questions or comments.

This page’s ‘children’ are under construction as I work on it again to build up those pages for my Stash. I’ll post each child page up by its proper link so you can look at that if you wish. And please tell me if the colors flatter me or not. Thanks.

Beiges, Bronzes, Browns, Taupes
Blacks, Grays, Silvers, Whites
Blues, Greens, Teals
Burwines, Reds
Corals, Golds, Oranges, Peaches, Yellows
Lilacs, Plums, Purples

Before you ask why I don’t just post my Stash pics in a post with the bins, I have two reasons why.
1) My camera’s LED screen isn’t big enough to capture more than one bin at a time, and
2) I don’t like to show my Stash by the brand polish. I like to show it by color family in swatches so you’ll always know what the colors are and how well they look against me.

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