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Going On A Short ‘Vacay’

October 11, 2009 Leave a comment

Well, folks, I’ve been blogging just about non-stop and swatching just about non-stop for so long that I’m finally worn down by it. I’ve decided that, along with a fabulous mani, I’m going to take a short vacation from blogging — about a week should do it. My brain has been fried by all this updating and swatching and junk, so I’ve got to rest it. However, I will post on Tuesday’s quit smoking topic, and do the Color of the Week on Wednesday, but I won’t push myself.

So, with this I leave you with a new mani I did using Nina Ultra Pro Purple-Xing, one of three colors I got in last week’s mini Sally’s haul. I’ll return to fully blog again next week.


…And a short description. Purple-Xing is a whole bunch of both silver and prismatic chunky glitter in a grape creme base. What’s unique about it is that this creme doesn’t diminish the sparkle from the glitter. This was three coats to full impact.

Now, with that, I leave you until next week, only stopping by during the vacay on Tuesday and Wednesday. Have a great week, everyone!

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Color of the Week: Key Lime Glitz

September 9, 2009 Leave a comment

Well, today begins another installment of… Color of the Week! This time it’s one of my favorite nail combos as of yesterday: China Glaze Nova over Pure Ice Wild Thing. This review will be two-fold, one for the base, and one for the glitter top coat. So, here is the piccie for you to look at.

Key Lime Glitz

Key Lime Glitz

The Review, Part One: Pure Ice Wild Thing
•Application: The cap was kind of small and a little slim, but the application itself was streaky at first like a lot of my thick cremes. But it evened itself out on the second coat, so I didn’t even need to apply a third.
•Dry Time: I’d say this one also had a nice dry time, considering I applied it in two thick coats. Usually when you apply a polish in thick coats, it takes longer to dry fully. This must have dried (fully) in about 20 minutes tops.
•Coverage: This is what I like to classify as ‘impact’ after so many coats. Wild Thing covered a bit streakily on the first coat, but then the second coat made it fully cover. This is excellent.
•Wear: This is what I like to classify as ’staying power’. I applied this on over a base of Nailtiques formula 2 protein yesterday. And so far it has stayed on perfectly–not even a slight bit of tipwear. I may wear this for an extra day or so to really test its staying power.

The Review, Part 2: China Glaze Nova
•Application: This stuff was excellent. It applied better than any other chunky glitter I’ve ever owned in the past. And better yet, you could really see its potential after just one coat over Wild Thing.
•Dry Time: Another fast-dry polish. Well, fast-dry as in just above average. This must have dried fully in about two minutes.
•Coverage: This is what I like to classify as ‘impact’ after so many coats. Nova covered like any other chunky glitter polish does after just one coat. However, like I said in the application part, it really showed its holo goodness in just one coat over Pure Ice Wild Thing.
•Wear: This is what I like to classify as ’staying power’. I applied this on over Pure Ice Wild Thing, and it has stayed put. No tip wear, no glitter falling off. This was perfect.

I fully recommend Pure Ice as a brand to truly consider investing in if you’re ever at your nearest Wal-Mart. As far as I know, they don’t sell online, nor do they have their own website. China Glaze, well, we already know about that one so I don’t need to put my stamp of approval on that. Anyway, have a great morning, peeps!